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Research and theory


Bright dream. Lucid dream. Out of the body effect.


Bright dream

Duration of cycles and features of sleep.

During the night, there is a cyclic change in the frequency of the brain. R.E.M and non-R.E.M. alternate every 1.5 hours.

R.E.M. phase is an important and unusual part of sleep. 5-6 times a night, the brain hardly sleeps and works on the frequency of wakefulness. Despite the shorter duration, it is at this point that 90% of dreams dream. The duration of "fast sleep" increases in the morning. The brain perceives dreams literally and does not distinguish them from reality, producing the same hormones and reactions to events as in wakefulness.

Duration of one sleep cycle 1.5 hours

Сycle 1

Сycle 2

Сycle 3

Сycle 4

Сycle 5



Time to sleep






One cycle

The amount of dreams depends on the time of sleep

Many dreams in the morning


Time to sleep

The amount of dreams and the probability of a lucid dream

The probability of bright and conscious dreams increases in the morning, along with an increase in the duration of fast sleep. The longer you sleep, the higher the likelihood of realistic dreams and awareness.

A full sleep should include at least 7.5 hours per day (at least 5 cycles of REM sleep per night). Each such cycle lasts about 1.5 hours. It is important for the brain to undergo the REM-phase at least 5 times in 24 hours: 1.5 hours * 5 = 7.5 hours per day. Even if you do not sleep enough on weekdays, the brain counts the number of REM-phases and compensates at the first opportunity for a long sleep. If you sleep at least 7.5 hours a day, there will be more dreams.



Methods of falling into a lucid dream with a ZEN mask and without.

Lucid dream

1. Method of biphasic sleep or "coffee" technique without bandage

The essence of the technique is that it is necessary to break the dream into two parts with a short awakening. After that, the second part of the dream will be superficial, many dreams will be dreamed. It is recommended to conduct this technique on a day off.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3






Again go to bed with the intention "I'm aware of myself in a dream" or "how to wake up next time - I'll get out of the body." Sleep will be shallow You will wake up and fall asleep again. The probability of conscious sleep will grow.

Wake up on the alarm at 6:00 and 5 minutes awake. If you fall asleep quickly you can drink coffee, you need to fully wake up.

Start an alarm at 6:00 in the morning and go to bed as usual.

2. Question before going to sleep

The subconscious mind is able to give answers through vivid dreams. You can ask yourself a question before going to bed. For example, "What should I look for?" Or another important question for you. The answer can come in the form of a bright dream, and the likelihood of awareness will grow dramatically. Communication with the subconscious mind is perceived literally, we are given an exact answer. It's so simple and obvious that it seems incredible until the first experience of getting such an answer in this way.

Question before going to sleep

I'm awake

I'm in a dream

The border of loss of consciousness. The transition from wakefulness to sleep.

3. Method with bandage: turn on, put on, fall asleep

The bandage allows you to increase the number of bright dreams without additional training, you will realize that you are sleeping and falling into an awake dream.

Wake up



Time to sleep

Frequency of the brain

Border of work

R.E.M. - a unique state of sleep, which lasts from 2 to 5 minutes every 1.5-2 hours. In these moments, we practically do not sleep, only we do not understand this. ZEN bandage will increase the likelihood of awareness and bright dreams without preparation and practice. The electrodes should fit snugly against the scalp. To start using the mask, just switch the toggle switch on.


Out of the body effect

What is the "out of the body effect" and how to keep the state

Borderline between sleeping and waking. Getting into this state causes people to feel the full reality of what is happening. Scientists have learned by means of transcranial stimulation to repeat this experience - a person begins to see himself from the side not in a dream, but in waking while the current is acting. On the Internet you will find many techniques for "going out" and keeping the state. More about the study of the phenomenon here.

Symptom: noise and crackling in the ears.

If you hear a noise in your ears, you are on the border of sleep / wakefulness. Do not be afraid, this condition is actively studied by doctors and many have experienced similar experiences.

How to make out of the body

To swing the vestibular apparatus, feigning a feeling of falling or moving your hand up and down in 1-2 minutes You will feel a tingling sensation in your hand and a feeling of swinging - this is an excuse to get out of bed.

Look into the darkness with your eyes closed.

Use the "coffee" technique described for conscious sleep and get out of bed, sometimes it turns out to stand on the border of sleep / wake "outside the body."

How to stay and return (works for a lucid dream)

To stay as long as possible in this state, you must plan your actions in advance and periodically look at your hands while in this state. Thinking about the body, you will immediately return and open your eyes in bed. Problems will not return from this state.