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We will help with the purchase and answer the questions.
Contact us by phone +7 (499) 391-31-92

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Warranty 12 months

We will consider any warranty and post-warranty issues individually. The warranty does not cover fabric. ZEN mask can not be washed like any other electronic device. The Italian hypoallergenic fabric is used in ZEN mask. If the ZEN mask is dirty, it must be handed over to dry cleaning.

Free delivery

Delivery is carried out within 48 hours after payment. The warranty covers technical units of bandage, electrodes, technical components. In case of any technical issues or if you want to know the status of delivery, please contact info@sleepwithzen.com



ZEN mask





We will help with the purchase and answer the questions. Contact us by phone +7 (499) 391-31-92

How did we invent the mask?

We practiced lucid dreams and out of the body effect without gadgets, realized that training and constant practice takes a long time. Studied studies on the topic of dreams and decided to make a bandage ZEN. The state of sleep is studied by neurophysiologists and brain specialists around the world. Many technical features and even some details of the appearance of the dressings are obtained in the form of information from dreams.

I have no experience - suddenly it does not work out?

It will be exactly the same, even if there is no experience at all. The bandage is designed for beginners. We recommend using the bandage daily, but much depends on fatigue, the duration of sleep and even - on the temperature in the room (it is better that the window was open). We are against the use of any doping, for example, the presence of alcohol in the blood drastically reduces the likelihood of bright dreams.

It is safe?

The bandage is absolutely safe, comfortable and made with attention to detail. The development has been tested many times. You can get a new quality of sleep, a third of life will be spent with advantage. After the first bright dream, you will calmly wake up and go about your business. You will not be "dragged out" anywhere, but it will be interesting to live with a new experience in a dream.